Module 0.1: Camera Manuals

Every camera that's made has a manual that goes with it. They are very important to always have around as you learn your camera's abilities and functions. So make sure to find it, like yesterday! Because there are so many different cameras out there, there is no way for me to teach you how to work your camera without it.

Many people think that the camera is all you need when learning photography - but oh let me tell you - that manual will become your best good friend!

If you have had your camera for a long time, it's an old camera or hand me down, OR you just flat out lost the thing - almost all manufacturers offer an online alternative. Woop Woop. But don't worry about hitting the interwebs to find them- I got you covered boo!👇🏾👊🏾

Find the brand of your camera and enter in your camera info and VIOLA! You will be in business. Download it and keep it on your computer's desktop for quick access.


Nikon Cameras 
(There is also an Android and Apple iPhone and iPad App called Manual Viewer 2 that you can view without internet!)

Canon Cameras

Sony Cameras

Fuji Cameras

Panasonic Cameras

Pentax Cameras