The Mama Behind The Lens


Hey there! I'm Jacque {pronounced JA-kee} Jackson…

I know, I know...go ahead and say it. Everyone does {wink}.

I’m a storytelling documentary photographer and filmmaker in Richmond, Texas and I help families see the perfect imperfections and raw beauty in their lives that occur on a simple day-to-day basis. Every moment and any moment in your life deserves to be acknowledged as special - there is nothing to dull or boring. I believe those memories should be encapsulated in a tangible form, exactly how they occurred, honestly intact for that time when your memory begins to fail you. 

Have you ever heard that phrase, "The days are long but the years are short?" Though it is used a lot to describe the beautiful mess of parenthood, I like to think of it as a description of all things. I look back over life and wish that I had documented so many of those long days that I now must close my eyes and tilt my head to remember.

Before I put my first career on hold to raise my kiddos, I worked as a pediatric nurse in cardiology.{Learn more about how I help families at Oh Baby Concierge} It was there that I really began to learn the value of cherishing and capturing big moments as well as the tiny details of everyday. There is a rawness in those details that I deeply appreciate preserving.

When I don't have a camera to my face {most of the time I do}, I am usually adventuring with my own 3 'littles' to libraries, zoos and play dates and outings all around Houston! We enjoy reading and playing outside finding bugs and chalking up the driveway in the crazy Texas weather.   

But enough about me.  Can we talk about you?! 

I know you are looking around here because:

  • You're ready to start collecting real images and moving footage that fully represent your life where it is right now. 

  • You recognize the value in creating moments as they arrive regardless of the lack of real life perfection. 

  • You are prioritizing the capture of professional level creative work over the fast-moving false reality of smartphones and quick grabs for social media exposure. 

  • You desire well-organized chaos and thoughtful candid opportunities over frozen manipulated ideals. 


If I am (please say I am🙈) then Get In Touch With Me so we can chat about your ideas for a session together.