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Boss Camera Moms


 Learn to work your camera and take frame-worthy pictures of your kids in 30 days.

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Boss Camera Moms is a local beginners masterclass designed to guide and support you through a step-by-step process of learning your camera to quickly and effectively take better pictures - so you can get back to being a Boss MOM. 


What if you could...

>> Have direct access to a photographer to HELP YOU go from the "GREEN AUTO MODE" where the camera controls you to TOTAL BOSS MODE where YOU control the camera

>> SPEND LESS TIME hanging with mr. google to learn what "part" to do next and instead receive FOCUSED, STEP-BY-STEP guidance on everything you need to know to drop kick your camera skills IN ONE PLACE

>> Feel proud to print + Hang + BRAG about the images you created of your family living life FOR REAL

>> Finally get Sharp, GENUINE smiles and personality from your kids to share with extended family 

>> Make all the other moms at the playground jealous with your SKILLS!

...IN 30 DAYS

how to take pictures of kids
how to take pictures of kids
how to take pictures of kids




ollipop photography
how to get a blurry background photography

After focusing and learning my camera

beginners photography course
houston camera classes
photography classes in houston

Have you EVER said...

>  "I have had my camera for at least a year, but I have no idea what I'm doing."

>  "I have no clue what these buttons mean..."

>  "I just want to be able to take pictures of my kids in dance and soccer and baseball games. "

>  "I don't need to be a professional photographer, I just want to learn what to do."

>  "why are my pictures so blurry?"

>  "I can never get good pictures of my kids."


You're not alone -I've said ALL THOSE things.

how to get better pictures of kids with dslr

...The only difference is YOU'VE GOT ME here to help you. 

BCM Testimonial-Sarah.png


"I signed up for the workshop to try to understand how to use my DSLR camera. I have had it for 5 years, and I don't think I've ever taken it off the auto function. I went to take some bluebonnet pictures of my son and wanted to get that blurry background look... then I realized I had no idea how to use my camera!

The information was presented in a clear manner. It is a lot to take in for a novice, but Jacque broke it down into simple terms.

This workshop was a great experience! It was fun, and I learned a lot. I felt empowered to take on the use of my camera. I no longer am thinking to myself... I have no idea what any of these things mean. Once I practice and play around a little more with my camera, I will have some great images of my family!"

- Sarah Dunham, BOSS CAMERA MOM to 1

From one BOSS mom to another

Let me tell you why we've gotta stick together in this: 

When I first started out with my camera many years back, I was ALL OVER THE PLACE searching for solid courses, websites, and teachings that made sense! I remember wishing all the GURUs would reach out a hand and teach me ALL THE THINGS...BUT...

That never happened. 

Just because you may not aspire to be a professional PHOTOGRAPHER, doesn't mean you can't be great at capturing your family do their thing!

      YOU succeed. I succeed.  BOSS.

how to get better pictures of kids with dslr
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So what's in this Masterclass you ask? 

beginners photography class
  • A FULL DAY of guided in-person training on how to take your camera off of auto and mindfully photograph by taking full BOSS control of your camera, including how each setting works individually and when combined with another, when to change the settings and how to incorporate real life into the images.

how to use a dslr camera for beginners
  • Breakdown lessons on the MAIN CAMERA SETTINGS that will help confidently move your pictures from blah to WOW in 30 days.

how to use a dslr camera for beginners
  • How-to videos on camera setup, putting together the accessories, shooting techniques, and camera to computer hook-up that can be accessed forever once our full day is over.

beginner photography class
  • Cheatsheets and guides to help implement the heck out of the lessons taught to take home and apply IMMEDIATELY.



TWO PRIVATE 30min Live Q+A Sessions to discuss what you've learned so far and answer any specific questions YOU have after class.


CREATIVE SHOOTING TECHNIQUES to help you make VISUALLY EXCITING IMAGES with more UMPH!...because who doesn't want that, right?!

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So, What's up with the 30 days, Jacque?


The Local Houston BOSS CAMERA MOMS masterclass in is an in-person course with a start and end date.

Many courses give you immediate access to the whole SHA-BANG all at once and let you work on it when you feel like it

- but that's not my jam right now. 

I want to push you into URGENCY and get you to see the BEAUTY in your LIFE RIGHT NOW. Stop letting it go by without bottling some of it up in an IMAGE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF. 


 30 DAYS is enough time to learn what you need to know and IMPLEMENT it with REAL results. Our in-person time together will be jam-packed with things you can do RIGHT AWAY!



Are you giving me the side eye now?

Well, hear me out...

See - if you really wanted to - you could have learned your camera already, BUT - you haven't.

I'm going to go ahead and just say that the reason is accountability

If no one knows you are working toward something, it's easy to:

>> QUIT early <<

>> SKIP around doing arbitrary things <<

>> BECOME DISCOURAGED when things aren't happening the way you want <<

>> or just down right NEVER START <<

I created BOSS CAMERA MOMS to help hold you up while you focus on

Gettin' 'er DONE! 

Online Photography Course
  • After we meet, you will receive assignments to practice throughout the week and share within our private community (...accountability remember).

sugar land photographer
  • The in-person masterclass is just the beginning! We will keep in touch and cover any questions you have and you will receive ONE-On-ONE time with me via video call to work out any kinks!

You do the work - you get help - you make progress. 


"Jacque is a good communicator and she broke it down so that it was easy to understand.

It was awesome to learn and have fun at the same time! I could tell Jacque spent a lot of time putting things together as it was very detailed and I enjoyed the mimosas :)"

- Sopheavy Hall, BOSS CAMERA MOM to 1

BCM Testimonial-Sopheavy.png


I’m a mama, too.
So, I totally get it.

You don’t have a sitter but YOU NEED TO GET STUFF DONE, right?!

We’ll have PROFESSIONAL SITTERS to come hang with the kids while we knock out some learnin’.

So here’s how it will go down for them:

photography classes in houston.png


beginner photography class in fort bend county


photography classes for moms in houston


camera classes in houston



I mean honestly - how does this not make sense?!

Bring your kiddos, learn the things, use them to practice your skills ON LOCATION!

No excuses left.


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Frequently Asked Questions

+ This seems great, but is it really for me?

This masterclass is for anyone stuggling to understand how to work their camera to create proper images. It's for anyone who is tired of fumbling when the moment comes and only producing blurry or lackluster images.

+ What if I'm not a mom and I don't have kids?

Not a mom, no kids - NO PROBLEM. The goal here is working to learn your camera to capture what's important to you. No matter what you are taking pictures of, if you don't understand the way your camera works and how to create an image, you will struggle to find success. SO - come hang with some moms and become the BOSS of your camera!

+ Will I REALLY be able to take better pictures in 30 days?

...UM YEA! While I can't guarantee a thang, I know that if you do the work and participate you WILL SEE CHANGES. The course is structured in bite-sized lessons to help hold you accountable to your progress, so YES. Give yourself a 30 day commitment and you'll be amazed at what you come up with!

+ Will you be available for questions?

You betcha! Not only will I be present in our PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY, but I will also be holding 2 LIVE Q+A Sessions to answer any direct questions you come up with. I will also be offering image critiques as part of the short weekly aassignments.

+ When does the masterclass start and what happens afer it's over?

We START ON AUGUST 4TH. And during & after we make it through our time together, you have access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP until forever - where I will share any updates that are made. You LUCK DUCKY!! There will also be individual post class check-ins for each student with ME!

+ Are you really offering child care?

Sure am! It's not cool to always have to leave your kids behind when you want to do something. I know this firsthand. And what better way to begin practicing your skills than on your own children once you get you some knowledge?! This will be fun for you and fun for them! All children who are crawling and old will need to be checked in for care - you can keep the little babies with you as long as you can mom and learn at the same time...which I am sure you can!

+ What is your refund policy ?

You have 24 hours after the purchase of a seat to request a refund. This is so that another student may have an opportunity considering the limited seating per class. I want to work with you, so please contact me for any questions or concerns (

If you're tired of missing the moments your family makes because you thought you knew what you were doing... this is the masterclass for you.

BCM Testimonial-Alicia.png

"I liked how it was a perfect mix of independent and instructor led time.

This is the best condensed, hit all the basics, improve your photo quality, convenient class you can get for the price! Plus Jacque is the most awesome instructor. Knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive no matter what your skill level or camera type. She really has a passion for the art."

- Alicia Guato, BOSS CAMERA MOM to 3


Stop saying you're gonna do it and DO IT!

BOSS CAMERA MOMS is waiting for you...


Have questions? Contact