{10 on 10 | Introducing Coconut}


We finally have a pet.

One beautiful day this week we loaded up in the truck and headed out to PetsMart. Would you believe me if I told you we spent 2.5 hours in that place?!

Yep…you read that right. TWO. POINT. FIVE. HOURS! I mean honestly, who spends that much time in a pet store??

We went in with the intention of getting a set of Beta fish for the kids. We thought they would be perfect: low maintenance, cool to look at and easy to keep alive. WRONG. I quickly recalled my college days and how I was known to shock a few with fresh water. I found myself unable to keep them alive every single time (there were 3 times, lol). I went through 3 whole fish, each one named in sequence of the previous; Cletus 1, Cletus 2, Cletus 3!

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{Buying a DSLR Camera: What You Need To Know FIRST}

So you’re finally ready to get your feet wet and get that ‘big’ camera, ay?

Whatever your reason for taking the plunge, there are a few things you must know first. Buying a DSLR is not about just walking into a store (or hopping online) and getting the camera that looks the cutest or that carries a certain brand name.

My friend...

There is so much more than that to consider and trust me - the brand name does NOT say it all. I've got a few things to talk to you about before you head off to spend your dough!

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{What the Heck is Documentary Photography, Anyway?}

When I talk with people about what type of photographer I am, they kind of look at me with a bit of a side eye, like - 'documentary photography - hmmm, what does that mean?’

And it’s totally cool because I realize how self-explanatory the other genres sound. Newborn photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, maternity photography - they all make sense.

But hey...what if I told you I could do all of those things as a documentary photographer: a storyteller?

Come with for a little bit...

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{10 on 10 | New Orleans Without A Face}

A few weeks ago I had the crazy amazing opportunity to meet up with some online photography friends for the first time in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was pretty awesome.

I mean how many times can you say you hit it off with 8 other creatives meeting in a place unfamiliar to you all...seriously?

We trekked the busy streets of New Orleans sharing local adventures and discovering the unseen. Traveling off the usual Bourbon Street path, we came across so much more hidden gems in the seams of this beautiful place.

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{10 on 10 | Welcome to 2017}

Dads must realize how much their presence is enjoyed. 

So often, we focus on the things we think children need that are material rather than the moments they crave that are imperative.  

Listening to them give full belly laughs and call out "daddy" and "more" or "again." Watching their little legs keep stride next to his. Their shrieks of excitement. The joy. The honesty in their eyes. 

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