{Something Beautiful: Gratitude}

There was a time when I had no gratitude, I thought I was ok. I had no understanding. I had no you. 

...only a hole for all these years. And then one day...

Maybe God was pleased with me. Or I learned to accept and appreciate what life I had.

And forget about what I didn’t have. 

You finally came to me. And now everything is clearer. Crisp and bright. 

Gratitude has multiplied in me like a wild fire…

I can be a better me for me and for my children.

I know where I come from. I know where I belong. I know where I am going. 

      Thank you gratitude- it's been too long.

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Some lovely ladies are sharing their take on Gratitude this month - go see what Britney has to say!



*top 2 images photo credit: Kim Nelson of Masami Photography

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