Have you seen the message going around that mentions something like "you have 18 summers with your kid(s)...so enjoy them?"

Well, I don't know about you, but my little people are not newborns - so technically I have less time than that (insert crying emoji here). 

For a minute though, when I read that message I felt really bad about this summer. It's broiler HOT around these parts, I'm carrying a big bump in the front (I'm having a baby in case you haven't heard) and mama's just plain tired. We haven't been out much despite my plans to have a water-filled summer. 


When the pools opened we pulled on our big kid suits and up made our way out with some friends - and let's just say...the group of them together are quite hilarious.

They are so different and so alike which makes me look forward to what their relationships will be like as they grow. 

Summer is not quite over yet but I am determined not to let it pass us without making a few memories. 

Check out the sixty second film I've got for ya below...have a laugh on me! I hope your summer is one for the books!

I've got a friend who has a film of her own to share - so head on over to see what Natosha’s got for ya. 

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