{SIXTYsecondMOTION | April 2018}

Each year, I feel like the month of April is a bit chaotic. And this year was no exception. It was a crazy month - both in emotion and experience. There was good, bad and ugly. 

But I must admit...there was one special highlight that I wanted to share in a special little sixty-second film for my son. 

His birthday is April 22nd and we had talked about his party since his sister's birthday in January. He was very specific - he wanted a blue cake, blue and "lelow bayoons" and decorations and he listed off all of his little buddies he wanted to see there.

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Unfortunately, we experienced a loss and had to skip his birthday this year. 

I was really sad and concerned that we had built up his special day only to not do a single thing. And to make it worse (probably more for me) we were with family that we hadn't seen since before he could walk. 

People he didn't know. 

His birthday became so overshadowed and all I could think about was, "what will he remember?"

So in an effort to piece together a memory, we hit up the local grocery store and found a chocolate cake with sprinkles. IT WASN'T BLUE

...but it had sprinkles...

Some of his cousins had decided to go bowling and we decided to tag along. 


He was so excited and danced around all smiles the whole time. 

So maybe we didn't need the lelow bayoons afterall. 

This year I learned not to sweat the small stuff because - well - it's not as serious as it may feel. He has already been talking about his birthday at the "bowling place."

He saw me editing this film and said "yay mommy is that my birthday?!"

So, now this mama is happy. 

I hope you enjoy our SIXTY seconds together. To learn more about snagging your own film, visit me here!


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