{Photography In A Time Of Loss}

There are moments in life when an experience or time is so overwhelming and powerful - its beauty shines in its ugliness...in it’s pain.

Loss is this way. No matter what type it is. 

There is nothing pretty about it.

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It leaves words unspoken, adventures not taken and relationships wandering aimlessly. Memories are the only thing that loss can't strip away.

You likely would never think to have someone follow you around with a camera to document your last memories with a loved one as you travel through the thick of a devastating time. It's hard enough to think about what comes next in your day.

But you should.

Think about how much images impact your day to day when loss seems off in the distance with no chance of reaching you.

Look at how things like Facebook take time to remind us of what we were doing on this day 3 years ago. Or an old album resurfaces to invite you to a time that has since been tattered with change. You grab your camera phone to catch something you just can't let yourself miss...

It's everywhere. 

And so are the less glamorous times. 

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>>> Meet the Fletchers <<<

I was contacted because Mrs. Fletcher knew that her husband only had a week or so to live. They had a sweet little girl, Emma, for whom she was already thinking ahead for. It was important for her to have pictures to share with Emma that included her father regardless of the reality of his illness.

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She carried a beautiful strength in her struggle - a foresight to a life after he was to take his last breath. 

Despite how frail Mr. Fletcher was and how wide open this wound for their family, his wife invited me into their home to share this experience with them.

To be able to record for them something so precious, yet unrelenting, was an unimaginable pleasure for me. These images would serve as the hypothetical locket or bookmark for this place of loss in their lives.

They may not journey back to these images right away, but they will eventually feel the moment arise for them to take a breath and return to this place where he was with them.

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The last days of someone's life are just as important as the ones that come before.

Beautiful words are spoken and time is cherished in new and sometimes quiet ways. Perspectives change and genuine bonds and memories are forged.


It has a way with our hearts and minds, yet we can never get enough of it.

It's easy to notice the laughter and smiles but what do you do to lock arms with the tears and heartache that it competes with?

Give yourself permission to guard the ugly, painful stuff - for it just might help heal the wound. 

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