{Matters of the Heart}

Warriors are not the ones who always win but the ones that always fight
— Unknown

There are always many ways to describe the fight in someone, but often not enough words to highlight the struggle. 

Let me introduce you to the Cagers. I had the honor of following this family who tirelessly embodies every bit of HEART that you can imagine. There’s irony here because the heart is the very organ that has changed their family  forever. 

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The Cagers have 4 children, all with the same “bad cardiac gene.” But they are only able to hold 3 of those children in their arms. Their oldest no longer able to share her spicy attitude and toothless grin. Never able to meet her 3rd baby brother. Congenital heart defects. The sneaky, silent, unforgiving culprit. 

Her family can never forget. Not only because big sister is in heaven chasing rainbows, but because they have a consistent home at the local hospital for the boys -ALL. THREE. OF. THEM. 

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Their days less filled with play dates and wrestling on the living room floor or playing football with dad, but instead long clinic hours to check tiny hearts - enough needle pricks, lab draws and cardiac scans to tired the fittest of men. 

Without stuttering, I watched the day-to-day grind of a woman who loves her children beyond the cliché moon, who spoke gently and lovingly, who balanced elementary school drop-offs with teaching online and nursing little brother. And she NEVER gave up. The warrior. 

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These parents gracefully leaned unto God to fulfill their roles -sometimes while living on opposite ends of Texas. Him in El Paso and they - Houston STRONG...

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