{10 on 10 | Introducing Coconut}


We finally have a pet.

One beautiful day this week we loaded up in the truck and headed out to PetsMart. Would you believe me if I told you we spent 2.5 hours in that place?!

Yep…you read that right. TWO. POINT. FIVE. HOURS! I mean honestly, who spends that much time in a pet store??

We went in with the intention of getting a set of Beta fish for the kids. We thought they would be perfect: low maintenance, cool to look at and easy to keep alive. WRONG. I quickly recalled my college days and how I was known to shock a few with fresh water. I found myself unable to keep them alive every single time (there were 3 times, lol). I went through 3 whole fish, each one named in sequence of the previous; Cletus 1, Cletus 2, Cletus 3!

Third time was a charm as they say. I never bought another one...I learned my lesson. And when I say lesson, I mean that I learned I don't need any animals to keep alive. 

But alas...

There we were. At PetsMart. 5 PM. 

Fortunately but unfortunately, my kiddos LOVE animals. They wanted to look at EVERY SINGLE CREATURE in the store. 

We talked to the little dragon lizard men for FOREVER. Little brother wanted to know what he was doing and where he was going. Then he insisted that 'mister yizard' was talking to him. It was really cute, actually. Even after more than 10 straight minutes of this. 


We moved on to the hamsters and the guinea pigs, then had a nice little chat with the rescue cats. We even played with a silly bird who walked where we placed our hands on his glass home.

I had never been into one of these stores...remember...I don't do well with keeping them alive. but I was pretty impressed with all the goings on in there.

Hotels, Drs office, Groomers. Snack carts and so many THINGS. All the things I never knew pets needed. 

There was this hilarious dog that clearly wasn't excited about getting his haircut. The kids were glued to the window for more than 15 minutes trying to figure out why he was upset. 


And then finally, mommy was ready to blow that taco stand and get 'er done. So we marched over to the fishy section and picked these cool neon fish - only to find out that we would need a 10-gallon tank AND a $60 aquarium plus the other accessories fish needed. 


So we settled for señor Goldfish! 

All I could think about was that one episode of the Cosby Show where Rudy's pet fish Lamont died...

...so I bowed my head - "dear God, please help us keep this fish alive!"

The kids were so excited, meanwhile I was still stuck on the fact that I had agreed to care for another living thing. #momlife


After seeing how thrilled they were about this little fella I couldn't help but get over myself and be excited too. So I asked big sister what she wanted to name him (assuming it is a him) - and right away she shouted - "His name is Coconut!"

And there you have it my friend. 

Meet Coconut. 


CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON to see Mr. Coconut in action below! Enjoy 😜🐠

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