{10 on 10 | ...And Then She was 3!}

There is something about this transition from 2 years old to the big THREE. I started to feel it a couple of months ago with the whole THREE-nager thing but couldn't really face the music just yet. 

I mean really!? My baby was just born a few days ago, right? 

Wrong...it's been three crazy years. 


It's really true when the whole world tells you that it goes by so fast. There are so many things about this time that I didn't realize I would feel. It's a bittersweet movement from a purely innocent baby world into the development of personality, voice and imagination!

When I watch her now, I am remembering her birth and all of the firsts we have experienced so far. Immediately afterward, my next thought is about the person she will grow into. How she will influence the world and how the world will influence her. 

I pray that she grows gracefully into an even more beautiful spirit than she already is and flourishes at everything she desires to accomplish in this life. 

I remind myself not to blink too many times...not to forget to breathe and exist with her, actively. 

For I know before long...she will be all grown up...


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