It's Party Time!

1.) I'd like for you to take this super quick survey so that I can get to know you better and we can become besties!

2.) TAKE A PICTURE! - Use whatever knowledge you have right now and take a picture with your camera, then send that picture to with your name in the subject line.

If you can, take a picture of what the histogram (back of your camera screen with the little mountain thingy -lol) looks like for that picture (hint: hit the play button) and send that too. I want you to be able to see the awesome progress you make from before the course to Day 30 . You will be nutty with excitement when you see how different your images look. 

3.) Designate a small JOURNAL to keep track of things in. As you grow in your camera skills, it will be helpful to be able to go back and reference what camera settings worked in certain places and how you accomplished the marvelous images. Trust me…you want to do this! I can't tell you how many times it came in handy as I taught myself photography years ago.

4.) Be sure to join our extra special PRIVATE FB group so that you don't miss any of our conversations and picture critiques. This is also where you can share your progress and chat with other participants! By the end of this masterclass, you will be dying to share your amazing work and I can't wait for you to do so. Be sure to tag your pictures #bosscameramoms on IG.

I will feature your work on my page @jacque.m.jackson as you share them!!

5.) Let's get this show on the road and head into Module 0. There's lots to get done!