Assignment 3.1:

Step 1: looking through the viewfinder of your camera in manual mode, walk around the room you are in and watch/read the viewfinder.

Step 2: As your lens is pointed at an object/subject watch the way your light meter will change and pick a setting to adjust to balance the meter to “0.”

Step 3: attempt this with at least 5-8 different spaces/items within the location you are in. (please be sure to change it up!)

STEP 4: Comment within the Facebook group with words “done”

Assignment 3.2:

Step 1: with your camera’s manual, find the location for adjusting your camera’s focal point within the menu.

Step 2: Select Spot Metering.

Step 3: grab a coffee mug and sit it on any surface a foot from an object in the background and a foot from an object in the foreground (front).

Step 4: Using your camera’s spot metering - use your up/down/left right buttons to toggle the dot while looking in your viewfinder.- select the focus (focal) point you want on the subject of your image and take a photo of it.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 and take a photo of the object in the foreground and then again but focusing on the background (you should have at least 3 images).

STEP 6: Create an album, Upload and label each image with your name + intended focal point and the actual focal point (Jacque Jackson + Ball/chair)

Assignment 3.3:

Step 1: Grab a coffee mug and sit it on any surface.

Step 2: with your camera set to manual mode (The “M” button) add the below settings one at a time and record the missing number you use to complete the exposure triangle:

Aperture: f/2.8 SHUTTER Speed: ISO: 400
SHUTTER Speed: 1/320 ISO: 800
Aperture: f 7.1 SHUTTER Speed:
ISO: 100
SHUTTER Speed: 1/125 ISO:

Step 3: upload and share what you come up with under the thread for this week (include the settings with each image).